23 years on this planet. Gentleman raised. Chivalrous to the bone. Love held at the heart and happiness at a smile. These are my defining characteristics...sort of.


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Over Washed and Under Used.
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Thank you @sihfxdfh for the awsome card and gift before the Rookie Rumble!!! ❤️💜
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People come to me for the solution of their problem, if my knowledge and experience is not enough to solve the problem, I go to my library read the relevant book and provide the solution.

- ― Amit Kalantri (via psych-quotes)
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If a man is born, he should be born either a king or a fool.

- ― Vikrant Parsai (via psych-quotes)
Some “Wes Humptons” on the feet. #KOTD #Syndicate #Vans #underthepalms #Offthewall #vansyndicates
Vans Syndicate Mid Skool “Camo” 
#KOTD #underthepalms #offthewall #Vans